Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where to Shop...Bargello

BARGELLO is an online shopping store where you can buy virtually any Pakistani or Indian designer outfit made to your measurements and taste.

Last summer I saw this sari by Atelier Karma and had to have it but I didn't know where to buy it from since I live in Montreal and the showrooms are thousands of miles away in Pakistan. When I tried to order it through Karma's site, there were so may delays in responding.

Then I discovered Bargello.
They were fast in responding, their prices were reasonable and they could modify anything you wanted. The way Bargello works is that it is a distribution company that takes the orders that you make and replicates them according to the designers styles. Most of the designers do not have the time to take online orders but Bargello specializes in oversea orders.

However, I have recently noticed that a lot of designer sites are improving their online order applications, making it easier to buy outfits online.

Some of the styles they have made themselves but most of them are replications of Pakistani and Indian designers. I had my sari made exactly like the original image I saw and delivered to my doorstep.

The actual sari is a halter blouse that is fully worked. The work is a combination of encrusted pearls, crystals and bead work that essentially makes up the floral design on the blouse.

The sari is a sarong style sari meaning that it does not have the traditional eight pleats rather it follows a Grecian look where material is gathered at the waist and falls reassembling a cascade.

The sarong is made of pure silk and has scattered pearls and crystals throughout the entire fabric.


Anonymous said...


Naushine Bakali said...

Very nice! It turned out so nice (the one you ordered) It's nice to know that Bargello is a reliable source.

Anonymous said...

actually i was informed that bargello is all knock offs and not designer originals at all. Hina B is also knowck offs! be careful!

Farah Sanam Hayat said...

Yes you are right, some of the outfits are knockoffs but some are not. As I mentioned it is a distribution and manufacturing company. They have permission from the designers to remake the styles and its base is in Karachi so most Karachi designers such as Karma work collaboratively with them.

That being said, even their knockoffs are made well and the advantage with Bargello is they can make modifications to your liking. Many times designers will not because they do not want to change their design.

Anonymous said...

Karma is actually based out of Lahore. They have a store in Karachi but the flagship store is in Lahore. I don't know who you spoke with but I regularly order designer outfits and I was informed by a designer himself that their clothes are all knock offs. Furthermore, many designers are in the process of trying to take legal action against them.

Also designers will change outfits unless it is the mass produced cheap line like for example Karma pink. I'm happy you have been having success ordering from Bargello but just beware it is not designer original and therefore should actually be a lot cheaper!

Farah Sanam Hayat said...

Thank you for making those clarifications. A source in Pakistan had told me that they were in collaborating with some designers but I guess that is false.

I have made the corrections in my post.

I would be curious to know where you order your outfits from. I had ordered an outfit from HSY and it was nothing like the picture. There staff was late in responding. Did you have similar problems or do you go directly to Pakistan to get your outfits?

Anonymous said...

I have gone to Pakistan and ordered directly there and after you have built a relationship withthe designers it is very easy to call and order from the US. But I also attend the APPNA conference and many of the designers show up there at that time it is easy to get to know them and they will take your measurements and keep you on file. My sister is getting married in July so I have been doing something new and contacting some designers through Facebook. We'll see how this works out though!

Nadia said...

hey! i love ur blog! bargello is a dream site..i love browsing through...do u know of ne1 who can supply good pakistani clothes 2 india?? im a designer in mumbai n would love 2 showcase some of the clothes from there..i used 2 live in dubai n tho im indian iv grown up wearing paki clothes..id love it if u cud put up some more pix of ur fav outfits...

Editor said...

This saree turned out very nice, I love its colours.

Thanks for sharing


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